Provide quick response
to any changes


    Monitor assets at any point along the supply chain


    Gain real-time information and respond quickly when events occur


    Analyze and repair inefficiencies in the supply chain


    Deploy monitoring solutions on a global scale

Traditional logistics solutions cannot provide information about an asset delay or improper delivery until those assets arrive hours later or do not arrive at all.

These hours delay production, reduce productivity, and disrupt customer relationships.

Real-time asset tracking and security alerts will ensure your team has the right information to respond quickly to unexpected events.

The most needed features
in one system

Trailer Tracking

Monitors the geo-location of the trailer to prevent thefts.

Vehicle Diagnostic

Automatically monitors fault codes, fuel level, tires status, battery voltage, oil pressure, engine speed, etc.

Dash Cameras

Real-time and historical video streams available.

Route Monitoring

PCS System integration for route planning and optimization.

GPS Tracking

Real-time high accuracy vehicle tracking that catalogs location history and allows for driver performance analysis. Autonomous tracking available in “off-route” mode.

Cargo Tracking

Monitors the geo-location of the cargo and cargo conditions via InnoAI sensors, e.g. temperature, humidity, light, vibration, noise.

InnoAI fleet capabilities


    API Integration into Enterprise systems, TMS systems, Warehouse Management systems

    Risk Management

    Integration into Supple Chain Risk Management solution


    AI driven automation to enable automated scheduling, Hours of Service logging


    Secure fleets with remote engine disabling systems and and GPS units
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