Control your valuable data
with InnoAI platform

The InnoAI platform delivers highly programmable software-defined edge, IoT mediation, AI modeling and AI Ops to realize value from massive amounts of data to track asset data and automation to drive changes in OT environment based on highly probabilistic certainty of specific conditions.


    Monitor the behavior of your devices and receive alerts in case of abnormal changes


    Prevents delays in the production process to maximize the efficiency


    Model of product design by actual characteristics by Digital Twin that tracks real-time processes


    Analyzes the root of the problem to fix the initial reason, not just the consequences
Enterprises and Services Providers can realize the value of IoT 5x times faster than current platforms or solutions in the market.
IoT enables Enterprises to lower cost of operations, improve efficiencies of current operations and drive productivity of large enterprises across multiple verticals industries.

Simple Real-Time analytics like never before

Alarm system for exceeded thresholds

The InnoAI system can set thresholds based on the analysis of your data or you can set thresholds for yourself. If values begin to fall or exceed the norm, you will receive an automatic alarm on the dashboard.

Stop doing constant checks and start solving problems as they arise.

Practical analysis function

Watch out for your data streams and impose time periods and data flows.

You can get to a specific situation by the zoom function.

Customize the data yourself

Data processing is very easy and simple. Thanks to existing templates you only need one click of a button to convert data from watt to ampere, for example.

You don't need lengthy and complicated setups.

Large selection of data sources

Collect data manually via PC. InnoAI data logger helps connect to any devices and sensors.

Our plug & play sensors covers standard use cases.

InnoAI Components

The foundation of the InnoAI Digital platform is a custom, fully programmable cloud agnostic software stack delivering IoT mediation, Security, AI Ops and Automation.

This unique combination is built to address the requirements of next-generation IIoT architecture, providing:

  • 5-9x lower time to value in use case realization for Enterprises

  • Integrated AI and Machine Learning to realize value from data

  • Integration Layer allows exchange of data from current Enterprise systems

  • Enterprise-grade security everywhere and anytime

  • Contextual Analytics enabling timely insights to the end users

We take security
very seriously


    Each data you send by InnoAI is
    secure and encrypted


    Our security practices and infrastructure ensure keep your devices and data secure

    Hardware Key

    Each device is provided with its own private key, so unauthorized equipment cannot penetrate your fleet


    Manage who can read and control data from your devices
Save your data on the cloud and get access to it anywhere and anytime
If you are concerned about the security of your data, we can easily deploy the system in-house

The architecture of a system is flexible and enables you to deploy an IoT solution On-premises or on top of Azure, AWS or Google Clouds

You can integrate data from your own warehouse and as a result, quickly expand dashboards, setting up reports and secure customer information through user authentication
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