Be more productive
and efficient

InnoEdge – a zero-touch, reliable, secure, highly automated computing platform, specifically designed for industrial edge environments.

Purpose-built for operational technology (OT), InnoEdge is easy to set up, configure and manage.

With built-in virtualization and availability layer, automated data protection and application recovery, InnoEdge significantly reduces the dependence on IT for virtualized computing at the edge.
Ensure the continuous availability of business-critical industrial applications.
Self-protecting and self-monitoring features help reduce unplanned downtime.

InnoEdge users

  • Availability and virtualization built-in

  • Self-protecting and monitored by Stratus

  • Installed in under 30 minutes

  • No IT or data room

  • Increased efficiency

With its pre-installed virtualization platform and availability layer, support for common industrial communications protocols, and intuitive, user-friendly configuration and management tools, ztC Edge simplifies the process and shortens the time it takes to get critical applications up and running, saving users time and effort.
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