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InnoSense Power Meter 103 (PM103)

Harmonics occur due to operating equipment with a non-linear characteristic, e.g. transformers used in saturation, energy saving bulbs, frequency converters and power electronics. They cause a load on the mains due to additional currents and can affect or even destroy operating equipment.

This mains' feedback can be detected and documented using our devices.

Measured and calculated parameters:

  • Advanced metrology feature set

  • Total and fundamental active power

  • Volt amperes reactive (VAR)

  • Volt amperes (VA)

  • Watthour, VAR hour and VA hour

  • Total and fundamental IRMS, VRMS

  • Total harmonic distortion (up to the 31st)

  • Power factor

InnoSense Sensor Manager 100 (SM100)

InnoSense Resistance Control (RM106)

InnoSense Communication Module (CM)

The communication module InnoSense CM is connected to the bus to any of the devices in the InnoSense CM line and implements the ability to transfer data from devices directly to cloud without using a gateway.
Ethernet (default)
Modbus TCP (option)

Data Transfer
MQTT (JSON, proprietary)

Supply voltage
24V DC through the bus
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