COVID-19 doing our part to make healthcare safety for everyone.

Asset Management Bundle

Asset Management solution is a Real Time location system that automatically monitors and manages the location and status of critical equipment throughout hospitals and healthcare facilities

Enterprise COVID-19 Contact Tracing

Contact Tracing is a contact history log, based on location, to accurately track interactions with other people and equipment. It provides a report of the people that are likely infected based on indoor location data.

Quick deployment solutions

Reduced patient wait times

Patients move efficiently through their visits with minimal time spent waiting.

Increased patient throughput

Clinic managers can utilize clinical space effectively and add additional patients or providers to the practice.

Effortless data collection

Accurate, insightful data collection takes place in the background throughout the workday to fuel process improvement efforts.

Productive, energized staff

Staff are organized and always aware of their colleagues’ & patients’ whereabouts, making care coordination and communication easy.

Thermal Detection and Social Distancing Tracking


InnoTech’s solution encompasses an end to end architecture. Thermal detection checkpoints allow accurate people temperature scanning at the entrance to the enterprise.

Once a customer on your enterprise has cleared the thermal detection process, video data captured from the cameras will be processed through InnoTech’s AI engine to manage traffic and capacity. Notifications will be generated across multiple channels to employees to address violations and congestion.

InnoTech’s Thermal Detection Solution is based on high accuracy (+0.5°F) thermal cameras that can measure (monitoring speed - 0.2s) temperature in high volume traffic zones (temperature monitoring distance – 0.3m – 1.8m). These are hybrid cameras with both facial and thermal captures and have non - contact access to reduce cross infection. Temperature and facial data can be encrypted and stored for back tracking.

Maintaining effectiveness and keeping your team safe

  • Assets Location Services

    InnoTech delivers certainty-based location data covering rooms, beds, bays, nursing stations, hallway segments, and other relevant workflow areas. Rapid location and condition update reliably capture interactions between equipment, patients and staff within seconds.
  • Multiple form factors

    Large selection of tags including reusable,assets tags, bracelets, badge holders and staff badges provide options for all types of patients and care environments.
  • Multi-Mode Technology

    A unique combination of Low Frequency RF, UHF RFID, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), Sensors, GPS and others to future-proof investment and maximize ROI.
  • Easy Installation

    Battery-powered devices are installed easily in patient care areas without the need to close rooms or deploy special infection prevention measures.
  • Interoperability

    Open location platform for seamless integration with both existing and new applications including Nurse Call, Electronic Health Records, Capacity Management, Bed Management, Asset Management, AND Maintenance Management.
  • Reliability

    Ensures critical location, condition and status updates are delivered to the application level. Enterprise-class monitoring provides at-a-glance visibility.
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