InnoTech Services is a software technology company enabling digital disruption across multiple industries: Supply Chain & Logistics, Telecom, Manufacturing, Retail, Healthcare and Smart City industries.

We created the InnoAI platform to simplify the process of adopting next generation technologies such as AI, automation and blockchain to increase operational efficiency and improve customer experience.

Our goal is to simplify the consumption of technology at scale. We accomplish this through InnoTech’s innovation and integration with our partners that bring borderless experiences across platforms.

We are a team of professionals with over one hundred years of combined experience in leading, developing and operating large-scale telecom and cloud infrastructure operations.

We believe in the principle of “collective genius” and empower our teams to create the most innovative solutions. We are a people-centric company, thriving and innovating to change the way people live and experience life.

We enable faster digital disruption

We build software technology to transform industries; solving some of the toughest problems which result in operations cost reduction, efficiency improvement and superior customer experience.

Our Leadership Team


We’re disrupting industries through innovation in technology.

The markets we are targeting are multi trillion-dollar segments. The people that come together to realize our vision are easily our most important assets. This belief governs how we select and bring people onboard.

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