Access to real-time

Check your dashboard at any time you want to see actual information about the accurate location of an asset, the speed of movement and its estimated time of arrival based on current metrics.
  • Streamline field operations

  • Reduce delay relates costs

  • Receive better insights in real-time

  • Improve client service levels

Just follow the logistics workflow in real time or go back to individual asset data. You can do this anywhere and anytime.

Now, when you have questions about an asset, you don't need to contact an employee by the phone. Using the dashboard in the app you can answer the questions with the click of a button.
Asset intelligence is the critical contextual knowledge that enterprises need to reduce, minimize and optimize asset costs, risks and performance across all phases, from investment planning, implementing the plan, monitoring of the assets and finally decommissioning them.

As accurate asset intelligence is becoming foundational capability to serve business, IT and OT planning and operation functions effectively, one need to adopt an automated solution that should support the following:
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